3 Altcoins Whose Tweet Volume Spiked Before a Robust Rally

3 Altcoins Whose Tweet Volume Spiked Before a Robust Rally are as follows:-

On Crypto Twitter, a surge of attention directed at a coin often follows significant price movements. Typically, exciting assets attract traders’ attention and dominate Twitter discussions, creating positive feedback loops that further drive the momentum.

This phenomenon was evident with some coins that experienced substantial increases in average daily tweet volume this month compared to the last. For instance, KuCoin Shares (KCS) saw its price rise from $7.40 on July 4 to $14.20 on July 14, with an impressive increase in average tweet volume of over 1,100% month-over-month.

Similarly, Axie Infinity (AXS) witnessed a 456% rise in tweet volume over the same period. In both cases, tweet volumes closely followed the price charts, reflecting the dynamics of the rallies.

Tweet Volume as a Predictor

In some cases, the relationship can be reversed. Sometimes, the Twitter community picks up on news or emerging stories before the broader market, causing tweet volume spikes that precede price increases. Can traders detect these signals early enough to gain an edge over others?

Data Insights for Early Birds

Tweet volume is one of several metrics used to calculate the VORTECS™ score, an algorithmic indicator that compares complex patterns of market and social activity of a digital asset against years of historical data.

Exclusive to Cointelegraph Markets Pro (CTMP) subscribers, the algorithm evaluates factors like market outlook, price movements, social sentiment, and trading activity to generate a score indicating the favorability of the observed conditions for any coin at any given time.

Additionally, the Markets Pro dashboard features a section highlighting assets with unusual tweet volumes in real-time. When traders are alerted to unusual activity around a coin on Twitter, they can investigate the asset and determine if its price is likely to rise soon.

Here are three examples from the past 30 days where Twitter activity foreshadowed price action:

1. Crypto.com Coin (CRO)

For Crypto.com Coin (CRO), the source of excitement on Twitter was clear: A few hours before CRO appeared in Markets Pro’s Unusual Twitter Volume box (red circle in the graph), it was announced that CRO became the first digital asset platform to partner with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). This news was also delivered to Markets Pro users seconds after the original source published it, thanks to the platform’s real-time NewsQuakes™ feature.

The significant news triggered a widespread Twitter discussion. If traders were not convinced by the NewsQuake™ and the rising VORTECS™ score, the soaring tweet volume could have been the final argument for opening a CRO position. The coin was valued at $0.113 when tweet volume peaked on July 8, and it continued to rise over the next four days, eventually hitting $0.132 before the price began to decline.

2. Quantstamp (QSP)

Determining what triggered the surge in tweets about Quantstamp (QSP) around June 1 is less straightforward. One possible reason could be the launch of oneFIL, a stablecoin for the Filecoin community, around that time.

Quantstamp audits the protocol behind oneFIL. While QSP typically receives only a handful of Twitter mentions daily, on July 1, it received over 150 tweets, quickly putting it on the Markets Pro radar (red circle in the graph). Although the peak tweet volume corresponded with a QSP price of $0.030, the coin performed strongly afterward, reaching $0.034 on July 4 and continuing to climb.

3. Flow (FLOW)

Flow by Dapper Labs (FLOW) saw its highest tweet volume late on July 10 (red circle in the graph) following a very successful week, during which the asset more than doubled in price from $9 to over $18.

A high VORTECS™ score that FLOW received about 50 hours earlier indicated that such rallies typically unfold in several stages and that historical precedent suggested the possibility of a second leg. As expected, the price continued to climb even after the tweet volume began to subside, eventually reaching $21.20.

These examples demonstrate that while a surge in tweets alone is not always a predictor of an imminent rally, spotting unusual Twitter activity early can lead to profitable trades. This strategy can be especially effective when combined with other metrics and a solid understanding of the coin-specific context.

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