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What are the Main Types of Blockchain?

The Types of Blockchain Explained In Simplify Way- Blockchain might sound like something complicated, but it’s really not too hard to understand. Let’s break down the main types of blockchains and add a bit of fun along the way! 1-Public Blockchain: What It Is: Imagine a huge library where anyone can come in, read the […]

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What is blockchain technology and How does it work

What is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain is like a digital notebook shared among a group of friends. Each page in this notebook is a “block,” and all these pages together make up the “blockchain.” Every time you add a new entry, everyone in the group gets a copy. This means no one can secretly change anything

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Stablecoin Company Circle to Go Public

In a significant move for the cryptocurrency industry, Circle, a leading stablecoin company, has announced plans to go public. Like many companies, Circle has been waiting for favorable economic conditions before making such a decision. However, the urgency to act quickly suggests that the opportunity may not be available indefinitely. Circle’s decision to go public

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Are Central Banks Scared of Digital Currencies?

The people behind this declaration seem, by all accounts, to be situating the expected computerized euro as a superior form of bitcoin. The advanced cash would use client inclinations, be harmless to the ecosystem, have protection highlights, and furthermore forestall unlawful exercises. How about we simply disregard the issue that the last two things are

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